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Oct 15, 2014
Hello all, I am new to the forums and was referred over here as it seems you guys are highly regarded for your land cruiser info. I am in need of some info in regards to the 1fz-fe setup and driveline mated to this engine. The 100 series seemed to be the best local for this but if I missed a specific tech section I apologize.

I am interested in knowing if and what any differences would be between the 16v and 24v engine crank and mated transmission setup. More so the flywheel that goes along with the manual trans, along with the mated clutch setup. IE crank and clutch bolt patterns, clutch size, etc.. I am trying to do research for a project but I'm finding it difficult to get the info needed as this setup was not readily available in the states and the little bit I can find mainly deals with the auto trans or just the 1fz basics.

From what I can find the 1fz-fe shows as a 24v engine, but there seems to be information about a 16v setup that was also available in this engine code????? The vehicles I am most interested in information on are used in the UAE and such and I have found there is a 16v engine used there but I can not confirm the engine code or model years etc that it was available.

Id appreciate any and all info that can be sent my way as I am about at wits end


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