For Sale 1999 Land Cruiser Babylon, NY, USA

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United States
1999 Land Cruiser. Original Owner. Vehicle is all original. River Rock Green, tan interior. 200k miles
Meticulously maintained. Synthetic oil since purchased every 3k miles. I never tore through brakes or tires. Never in an accident. Never Off Road. Highway miles to the Adirondacks of NY. Cruiser is in mint condition inside and out. Everything works perfectly. Even original sound system.
Roof rack, moon roof, etc. My Cruiser runs perfectly. I am selling because 99% of the time I am driving by myself. And believe me it is a tough decision to even post as For Sale. I am interested in a smaller vehicle.
Asking $7.200
Hi. Is this still available? What are you looking for in a smaller vehicle? How much rust?
Yes. It is still available.
I put a for sale sign on it today.
I am interested in the 2015 Rubicon.
The Land Cruiser was never off road.
There is absolutely no rust. All original condition. Mint.
Possible option for you. I have a brand new 2014 Rubicon (manual), X Series, leather, Grey, both hard and soft top. Let me know if you would be up for a trade + Rubicon cash value of coarse. Regardless, do you have more interior pictures as well as underneath?
I will post additional photos of the engine bay, interior and underneath later this week. The Cruiser will be on a lift for an oil change this weekend, so I can take underneath photos then.
those are some amazing 15 yr old seats after 200k miles!
Everything is original.
Look closely at the wear in the original floor mat under the gas pedal. For Years I drove with a towel over the mat. I will be posting additional photos this weekend.
Pm coming
To all that responded to my ad, I sold my Land Cruiser today. The person who bought it responded to the ad on this site.
Thank you for your interest.

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