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Wanted 1999 - 2001 Land Cruiser - Under $14K - Finders Fee too!

Feb 25, 2010
The Commonwealth of Virginia
Thanks for the advice. I had seen that one.

Unfortunately it has a number of red flags in its service records from Toyotaownersonline.com - Overheating, bad cats and electrical problems.
Aug 15, 2007
I have a silver 2000 LC with 96K miles. Bought with 69K in 2007. Thinking about going a bit newer. Have all service records since I bought. Started by having the 60K service completed just after purchase, then just did LOF at 74.5K, then back to regular maintenance schedule after that, including full 90K service in fall 2009 and just had 95K service (LOF) and NY state inspection last month. All service done at local Toyota dealership. Only problems I have had are stuck parking brake actuator, A/C line to rear seats failed, and antenna mast mechanism broke. All 3 fixed without incident. Everythig works. Tires OK (just passed inspection) but will need to be replaced fairly soon. Couple violations of your requirements - 1) I'm in upstate New York and they do salt here, 2) beige interior. Garaged for my entire term of ownership, since August 2007. Can't vouch for the first 69K miles though. A few very minor rust spots around door frames (I touch up lightly in the spring - literally a 10 minute job). No structural rust issues. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks and good luck in your search.

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