1998 LX470 Build

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Aug 2, 2016
Reno, NV
Just beginning the build of my "new" 1998 LX470. Body and interior are near flawless and I can't wait to beef her (Sierra) up with some bumpers, sliders and go from there. Would love to get any recommendations along the way. Some questions I'd like to have answered, haven't done too much digging in the threads yet so don't hate as I'm brand new to the whole forum thing.

It's my first ever off-road build (got rid of my 2014 WRX a bit ago) so bear with my on my lack of knowledge when it comes to off-road lingo whatever. I do feel as though I have some wrench knowledge but it's been primarily focused on cars up to this point.

Looking forward to the community! Here she is the day I got her!

Just put on some 305/55/20 with some 2016 Tundra Platinum rims. They required 1.5'' spacers and some trimming of the molding in the wheel well covering up the pinch weld. It clears now but is still a bit close for comfort so I'll be rolling it in a bit to add a bit more.

Took her off road to break her in a bit and did incredible, no noticeable rubbing, this thing is a beast. It was probably the first time she's ever been off the road!

These tires are beefy

2016-08-06 10.08.31.jpg

2016-08-06 10.15.26.jpg
Those 305's are beef cakes! The spacers have your rig looking stout.

She looks mean. Well done.

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