For Sale 1998 Built 100 - 137k miles, Slee maintained and modified, SOLD

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I bought this truck in July of 2012 when it was 100% stock and kept it that way until about 1 year ago. I wanted the ultimate in comfort and reliability with as much capability that could be gained without ridding too much of the OEM feel and function. I also always wanted the most knowledgeable and best mechanics working on it, so the only places that have serviced the truck are Slee, Adventure Off Road (Robbie/Powderpig), and Mountain States Toyota. Every time something needed to be replaced it was replaced with brand new OEM Toyota parts by a Land Cruiser expert.

Here is a list of the recent work done:

- Front and rear brake rotors and pads and front wheel bearings done at Slee on 11/14/14 at 135k. They also installed the Pro Link Factor 55 safety thimble and installed the URBs at that time. ($1,500)

- Full 90k service done at Mountain States Toyota on 4/24/14 at 130k including timing belt, water pump, crank seals, idler bearing and tensioner, thermostat, drive belt, power steering fluid flush, brake fluid flush and bleed, front end alignment. ($1400)

- Radiator and hoses replaced with OEM unit at Adventure Off Road on 4/1/14 at 129k, CVs rebooted at the same time ($650)

- OME 2.5” medium lift, TJM T3 bumper, Engo 10k winch with synthetic line, Slee sliders, Slee belly plate installed at Slee, and they completed a front end alignment on 11/8/2013 at 126k. ($4500)

- Extras at various points: CVT 79” Awning, Pfran LED interior lights and backup lights, 285/75/16 Duratracs, Weathertech mats front and rear and Husky cargo mat ($1,750)

I’ve invested around $10k in the last 13 months to make this truck as reliable as possible for a daily driver, weekend ski trips, and summer getaway adventures. I’ve been extremely pleased with it in all those capacities, and I’m truly impressed with how solid the truck is. Everything works perfectly in the entire truck – even the factory antenna still works great! There are no squeaks, rattles, weird noises, smells, leaks (including the sunroof), etc. and the engine is nearly silent. You basically have to look at the tachometer to tell if it’s running or not because it’s so quiet and so smooth. It also has excellent power (the 1998 is actually the quickest 100 until the 06-07 models (see table).

0-60 1/4 mile
1998 Toyota Land Cruiser 8.6 16.5
1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 9.3 16.6
2003 Toyota Land Cruiser 11.4 18.7

A couple of things to note in the first set of pictures – these were taken today 2/10/2015. The interior is in great shape as you can see, and the carpet is absolutely perfect underneath the Weathertech mats. The steering wheel is in amazing condition and doesn’t have the typical wear on the top of the wheel like virtually every other one I’ve seen. The little cords on the back of front seats could probably use replacing, and they’ve been like this since well before I bought it. The CB and some camera stuff fits in there great as it is which is why I never replaced it. This past weekend I removed the front hoop and little bumpers off the TJM bull bar to repaint it black, and I actually really liked the way it looks without it. I still have the hoop and bumpers, which will obviously go with the truck or I can put it back on – your choice. I took several pictures of the underside of the truck to show the lack of rust and damage, but keep in mind I did not try to pretty it up beforehand by spray painting everything black or putting some sort of film on it to make it look pretty. Most of what you see is dirt, and I would call this 95% rust free. There is a scratch in the rear bumper on the passenger side that was there when I bought, and I never repaired it since it doesn’t bother me. You could easily throw some touch up paint on it, and it would disappear. There are also a couple little scrapes underneath the corner of the rear bumper that most 100s have I’ve seen, and there’s a little dent on the passenger side behind the back passenger door which was from pulling a little too tight out of a parking spot. That too would probably be a quick and cheap fix, but I didn’t want to do that for the sake of trying to cover up things before I listed for sale. Also the third row seats are not shown, but they are included with the truck. I currently have a set of ARB drawers installed (the picture of the cargo area was taken about 2 months ago when installed the drawers btw), but I’m going to try to use those for my next project.

In terms of how much it’s been wheeled, I unfortunately have not had the time or opportunity to wheel it nearly as much as I’d like to have. Since I’ve put all the work into the truck, I have done 2 trails in Moab during Cruise Moab (Hells Revenge and Wipeout Hill), and 2 trails in Colorado (Slaughterhouse Gulch and Red Cone). All of the wheeling has been very mild and very careful – you can ask anyone who was there during Moab about how I didn’t get any body damage at all! edit: The MUD 100 series Photos thread :) I have a couple dirt bikes and a couple road motorcycles, so to be perfectly honest I typically take something with 2 wheels about 10x more often than the 100. In fact, I’ve literally never used the CVT awning, and I’ve never used the Pro Link thimble – they are brand new. The tires have 78% tread as verified by Discount Tire when they rotated them at Christmas as well.

I’ve tried to be proactive in describing the 100 as best as I can right now, but if you have any questions let me know. Probably one question you’re wondering is why I’m selling. As much I as I truly love the 100, I tried for a year and a half to get a manufacturer to build it into a pop top style camper like Campteq and the Ursa Minor E Camper. I had money in hand and could not get anyone to do it. Due to the height of the 100 with a roof rack and RTT, there’s no way I could fit into my office garage. I live in a condo building and have no ability to remove the RTT when it’s not in use, so that’s not an option. I recently purchased a replacement vehicle (JKUR that will be receiving an Ursa Minor J30 top) that I think will be a more suitable option to actually get me out camping more which is the whole reason I moved back home to Colorado 2.5 years ago!




















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I forgot to mention that when I purchased the truck the prior owner's son had apparently dropped the remote control key in water rendering it useless (or so the story went). Part of the deal when I bought it was that it had to have a working factory key, so he paid to have the ECU swapped and a new factory key made which he was none too pleased about since it ended up costing WAY more than it should have. So, I have a great working master key, valet and spare. He also replaced the windshield when I bought it, and it's still in great shape!


Great rig, wish I hadn't just purchased my 04! Figured you'd sell quickly.

First add I've ever seen with quoted quarter mile times!
Hope you'll be back. Always enjoyed your posts
Wow, surprised to see you selling this as well, you must be off to something awesome to be ditching the best year 100 :D As I looked through the pics I thought it's interesting that yours doesn't have the rear heat option, I didn't realize they came that way.
Wow, surprised to see you selling this as well, you must be off to something awesome to be ditching the best year 100 :D As I looked through the pics I thought it's interesting that yours doesn't have the rear heat option, I didn't realize they came that way.

I definitely wouldn't have dropped so much coin into it in the last year if I had planned to get rid of it, but I have a new project (hint it has front/rear lockers, 4 to 1 tcase and you can take the top off!) that I'm going to turn into a true dual purpose camper with a proper pop top sleeping area. It will be the modern version of a VW Westfalia with about 10x the off road credentials of the VW :) I also have a certain piece of jewelry to buy for my girlfriend and wood floors to pay for in the place we're about to buy, so even though I intended to keep the 100 the funds will be put to good use.

Funny thing about the rear heat option - this was ordered in Guam and shipped to Hawaii (then Idaho then Colorado) as the first owner was in the military. It's the only one I've ever seen optioned this way, but the good thing is no rear heat means no heater t's to worry about! When I had the radiator and hoses replaced I was adamant they replace the heater t's with a high quality brass fitting, and I felt kinda stupid when they told me it doesn't have the fitting since I didn't have rear heat lol. I personally agree the 98 is the absolute best year 100, and when I was looking in 2012 I considered this one and a built 07. I'm glad I went with the 98 as it performed flawlessly for me.
If you do a build thread on the Jeep, on whatever forum, please put a link to it here.

Good luck!
Sorry to see you selling. Thanks for the contributions over the years. Hope to see you around here again!
The 100 has been officially paid for and has been picked up. Thanks all for the kind words. I will be lurking still and my fiancé was (shockingly) so sad to see the 100 go that I wouldn't be surprised if we're back here in the next year when I get her one ;)

Also, I removed the pricing info for privacy reasons, but if you'd like to PM to ask for more info please feel free to do so. Thanks.
I can't say congrats. But I'm interested to hear your thoughts on your next rig. Jkur?

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