For Sale 1996 FJZ80 Locked, Lifted $6500 (1 Viewer)

Sep 22, 2010
Eagle, CO
United States
I may need to sell my second 80 series.

I bought it recently with the intentions of building it up for wheeling, but I may be moving up to CO, have too many vehicles, and was just offered a car as a gift from my father.

Will post more pics if interested.

SO, here it is...

The Good:
1996 fjz80 -188K Miles
2.5" OME lift with caster correcting drop brackets
Airbags, ABS, Discs all around
Overall a clean truck, interior is a 6 out of 10, exterior 8 out of 10
leather front seat covers are nice
Front and Rear Diff Locks work perfectly
Center diff lock Mod
PHH Done, silicone hoses
Clean under the hood
Just replaced power steering pump
New U joints in front drive shaft
Recent oil change, axle oils, coolant flush and fill, air filter
Roof Rack included

The bad:
P401 code: EGR modulator replaced, hoses replaced, throttle body cleaned, was going to try the VSV next.
Drivetrain Vibration: Have troubleshot this one, got new U joints in front shaft, was going to try some front coil spacers next, since it may have too much caster correction.
Oil Leek: Lower engine oil leek, runs great, but is loosing 1/2 quart per change.
Tires are street, have tread, but some cracking

Asking $6500, need to get back what I put in, or will just hold on to it.

FJ80 Number 2.jpg
96 fj80 101.jpg
96 fj80 102.jpg

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