1995 Talon TSI

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I've had a few people talk locally but haven't seen any money at this point. I have it posted at the DSM site so I'll let you read the gory details there if you are interested. (Nevermind, you need an account to view it so I'll copy and paste, thanks bthelton for pointing it out)

The car is AWD, turbo and 5 spd. The original owner whacked some whitetails and it was totaled. I purchased it, pieced it back together and drove it for a while. It still needs some love but is a very quick car and handles great. I have a bunch of spare body and mech parts as well. There was no frame damage during the accident so I never had to align it. Listed at $3000.00. Located in Northeast Pennsylvania.

From the DSMTuners Ad:

Up for grabs is my 1995 Talon TSI AWD. This has an R title in Pennsylvania due to the previous owner taking out a herd of deer. Overall, the damage wasn't horrible however he let it sit for a while so I had rust repairs and so on. Feel free to browse through the pictures of what it looked like when I purchased it at the following link: Talon

I have over $5000 into it due to the rebuild and various other items. I have KYB GR2's all around, a complete belt job was done at 118K, Eclipse rims are now on it and I have two of the original rims that come with it. I have an eclipse wing that goes with it as well. I added a 1G BOV and have the original 2G also. I purchased a set of angel eye headlights but only installed one. Also included is an unpainted eclipse bumper cover that has been hacked a little to accept a fmic. This will match up with the angel eyes although is not installed. I have a spare turbo however depending on what I get for the car may or may not include it. I purchased it as backup in case mine went. This way I could send mine out and have it redone to a t-28 and still have my car to run in. I also have an aftermarket boost guage that is crudely strapped onto the steering column.

The vehicle overall is in OK shape. It would make a good project car if someone wanted to continue it. I replaced the passenger front hub assembly and now the drivers side needs to be replaced. Inspection is up this month (March) however if I still have it, I will get the inspection done. I replaced the airbags however have not replaced the SRS module. I have a used module that also comes with it. The ABS light is on for whatever thats worth.

Feel free to contact me if you want more pictures or have questions. madtripper at deadspacesociety.com

Thanks for looking and feel free to pm, email or send up the bat signal if you have questions.



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