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Mar 20, 2017
El Portal, CA
I have some relays and other misc parts from an FZJ.

Transmission Relay: Sold
Stereo amp: 86280-60090. $20+ shipping
Seatbelt warning: 85991-16050. $20+ shipping
Headlamp retainer: 85961-30050. $20 + shipping
Alarm: AL514C. Free, includes about 6" of harness
Cruise control: 88240-60060. $20+ shipping
Lamp control: 85965-60010. $20+ shipping
Amp Heater Sensor Motor. 87161-60020. $20 + shipping
Amp assy. Cooler stabilizer. 88650-60060. $20+ shipping
Comp. skid Control/ABS. 89541-60020. $20+ shipping

Sunroof glass with plastic trim: $100
Sunroof factory spacers: free, pay shipping
Rear spoiler/wing brackets, no handware: free, pay shipping

Gas tank with pump/filter; tank has a small dent on side. Selling as a unit: Sold
Gas filler neck. Sold

Body had a chopped up wiring harness, but I was able to salvage an assortment of plugs. Many are available.

All prices negotiable. I pulled them from a 95 body and don't need. Everything worked when pulled.
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