1994 Toyota Burned Parting Out

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Nov 8, 2006
6 Miles Past The Edge Of The World
United States

parting out this truck.

tranny is still good, rear glass, seats. let me know if you need anything

tranny $500.00 if i remove it

if you want the 22re block its free if you get it out,

nice 14" rims $25 each
sorry - i need to clarify this is not an 80 series.

it is a 94 pick-up


How did the truck burn? Electrical shorts or gas related?
it did not leak any fluids. and never has had electrical problems. but some of the natives told me field rats and/or squirrels have been known to try and build nest under hoods.

thats the only thing i could figure
about 40 miles west of tulsa, ok.

seats are ok but not great, no damage from fire, truck just had 220,000 miles so seats are used. front seat is a 40/60 split bench, then two little jumps seats in back.

head rest on front driver seat is torn on bottom.

looks like insurance is going to cover some of this, i'm going to try and buy it back when they are done.

i'll part it out then make a truck bed trailer out of the back half.
whats your location, need the 22RE for my in-laws truck.
north central oklahoma.

about 40 miles west of tulsa.

if i can buy this truck back from the insurance company, i'll shoot you a pm.

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