For Sale 1994 FZJ80 w/ factory lockers COLORADO

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Jan 17, 2007
United States
**** SOLD ****

FEELER: Anyone have any interest in a factory locked '94 with 189k. White exterior / grey leather interior.

LOCATION: Colorado

Most likely it has head gasket failure / it's currently in partial tear down ( cams are ready to come off ). We found rust in the coolant lines and a severely cracked oil cooler cover with rust collected behind it. I don't think I want to proceed any further on my limited time, skill & budget. I have no idea of the block condition or head condition or the rest of the cooling system. It could be a slam dunk for a savvy toyota shade tree ( or not, I really don't know )

Vehicle has to be towed.

I know it's best to advertise a price, but right now I'm weighing the decision of a full part-out, or selling as is in tact. Open to offers. The cruiser is complete ( partially torn down ) all parts on the bench, labeled and ready to be completed / rebuilt.

If interested please contact me through PM's, I can send pics, answer questions, chat on the phone, whatever we need to do.

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Due to an inability to keep any consistent lines of communication with the pending buyer, I am opening this thread back up to the community, please PM with questions, leave an email and I can send a pdf of images.
Thanks everyone.
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***UPDATE -- This cruiser has been SOLD *** Thanks to everyone for the questions & inquiries. I look forward to seeing this cruiser live again someday!!
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