For Sale 1993 turbo fzj-80

May 28, 2004
'in dat der briar patch'
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At this point a lot of parts have been removed from this beast but not the major ones, and with all that I have on my plate I do not have the time nor the proper equipment to take the rest off and sell so I am going to sell the rest of the rig as one piece.

At this point the body is intact minus the rear hatch doors.

What the rig has in it and is included in this sale.

- 1FZE motor with SAFARI TURBO

- BLITZ unit to control and monitor turbo

- transmission

- transfer case

- 3" stainless safari exhaust

- Long Ranger auxillary gas tank (45 gallons)

- stock gas tank

- African outback drawer system grey

- all glass except windshield and doors 3 of which are usuable

- plus a whole lot of other parts still attached

Those are the major items if properly parted out there are alot of other things there that could be reused, as I said I just don't have the time any more there are to many other things going on. The truck is no longer on rims it is on blocks so it would take a rollback or salvage type equiped vehicle to remove.

I am asking $4000 OBO for the whole thing.

PM's get my attention the quickest include an email and I will hit you back asap.


truck is forest green and was involved in a head on collision on DS which the ARB absorbed just FYI.
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