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United States
Hello all. I'm listing for sale my JDM 77. Right off the bat, this is located on south Vancouver island, in British Columbia, Canada.

This truck came over the water last year. I had John at Radd cruisers do the North American localization.

-Brake lines replaced
-New batteries under warranty
-Upgraded to some Cooper AT Tires with tons of life left
-124k km on odo
-This is the 5 cylinder diesel of course

List price @ 24k CDN

She's a really nice truck. This would be pretty fantastic for a family.

The pics I'm uploading now are from the original auction. I'll get some more recent photos up whence I give it a wash ;)
LC -  (8).jpg
LC -  (70).jpg
LC -  (73).jpg


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Sep 11, 2014
Ha, I looked at the date on your post and just assumed it was recent, I guess the c-list ad would definitely not work. Looks like a pretty sweet ride, those are great trucks!

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