For Sale 1993 fzj80 rebuilt head FS (1 Viewer)

Jan 2, 2016
Stc, Illinois
Guys sold my cruiser and never got around to do the head gasket and all the other "mind as well" fixes on my cruiser.
So the plan was to have a complete rebuilt head ready so when the time comes all I had to do was take 1 out put new one in.
So I bought a 93 head in Milwaukee for 300 bucks, I ordered all the head gasket rebuild kit from member Onur I believe was his name a vendor here. He sold me everything I need it and more.
So I took the head to a reputable machine shop by me, they work in all sorts of nice cars including supras, rxs and such.
I dropped off the head but never asked how much was it gonna be and also gave em all the parts I bought from Onur.
When I went to pick up the head the total was 700 bucks!!! I know I know I should had ask all that my fault all I could do at that point was swipe my cc.
So my lost ur gain.
Sorry long story.
I would like to sell locally as it's heavy, by the time I pack it good for shipping its gonna be another 700 bucks lol
So I got over 1k invested in this head at this point I just need to get rid of this spensive heavy paperweigh.
Head kept wrapped the whole time, I open it just to make sure is wet.
You can text me directly as I don't hang much on ih8mud
Located in Chicago burbs.
Thank you.



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