1993 FZJ80 For Sale:

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Apr 2, 2003
Tucson, AZ
My buddy Dan is selling his 1993. He's had it for about 5 years. He wheeled it maybe 3 times with me. (He has an amazing FJ40 for wheeling....AMAZING) The truck is used by his wife to haul the kids around.

It has 184,000 miles on it. It looks really really good on the outside except for some rear corner bumper scrapes from one of our outings. You can call him at 579-8077 for all the scoop. I really don't know that much about the actual maintenance, mechanical condition, etc. Dan can tell you. I just know it looks GREAT! I think the inside looks good as well from what I can remember?

I do know it has:

OME lift
Some tube sliders (not Slee-grade protection though)
It does NOT have factory lockers
It is wheeling white in color!

He has it (or did have it yesterday) setting out over by Lil' Abners Steakhouse on Silverbell Road. He's asking $5900. WHAT DO YOU THINK IT'S WORTH?


Area code?

I'll pass it on to a friend who may be interested.

That is a good price..

John, what color is his 40?

I saw a sweet looking Canary Yellow one at the Vantage West cu at Cortaro/I-10 the other day.

Hope to see that one on the trail someday (so I can pick his brain). Looks like Downey's shackle reversal kit.
I am assuming the difference would be due to the spring length, otherwise the shackle angle would be canted the wrong direction.

I drove by Lil' Abners yesterday afternoon, looking for the 80, didn't see it..
Interesting all the shackle kits I've seen are opposite of the way his is set up. Angled towards the back.
like this one
MAF 4+Plus Shackle Reversal Kits 40 Series
I guess you can do it either way.

Nice cruiser! :grinpimp:

I noticed that too. Looks like it could be one of the old Advanced Handling kits, they angled forward IIRC. Mine is the MAF kit, they look like this:


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