For Sale 1993 FZJ80 - 85K Miles (Upstate, SC)

United States
With much regret it is time to sell our 80. I bought this 4 years ago with 31K original miles. The original owner would buy a new $50K vehicle every time he thought about cheating on his wife! This was one of 8 vehicles. It has been a great vehicle for our family, it is just time to move on. We are about to move or remodel our house and I am really considering something larger to replace it as we have 4 kids.

This was a dream come true when I bought it 4 years ago and I hope the next person can enjoy it as much as I have. I try my best to give every detail up front about a vehicle when I sell it. I have been the guy to drive 10 hrs one way and get there and it is not the vehicle I thought. This vehicle is not perfect but is a great low mileage 80.


- 85K miles
- Wet Okole seat covers for all 3 rows
- 850/860 OME springs ~ 40K miles
- Bilstein shocks
- set of 5 285 MTRs - these need to be replaced and I may do so if it does not sell quickly. They have 45K+ miles on them and have done great.
- Bolt on sliders
- Pioneer speakers in the doors
- LEDs in overhead lights
- LED tail lights
- CDL switch
- OME CC bushings waiting to be installed if you keep the lift. I also have bearings and some seals for the front axle. It does not need it now, but I bought the entire kit from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters and my bearings were/are still good. (Axle was last rebuilt at ~50K miles.)
- New OEM plug wires, plugs, rotor, cap, and air filter within the last 5-10K miles.
- Newer window felts.
- Carpet is very nice. I still have the original floormats.
- Rear cargo liner
- No real rust, very minor surface on a few undercarriage parts.

The bad/needs:
- No lockers
- Needs tires - they have 45K+ on them. I am considering replacing with some 265s and removing the 850/860 combo.
- Dash has cracks
- Clear Coat is gone on the hood and parts of the roof. It could use paint if that's something you want.
- Rear windows are unplugged, they raise and lower but the window keeps coming off the track.
- Speedo works ~70% of the time. I replaced the VSS on the trans and it did not fix the issue. I think it is the actual needle. A few others on MUD have had the same issue. The odometer works 100% and mileage is original. I use a GPS or have learned the RPM for most usual speed limits.
- Rear heater has been bypassed.
- Small leak under the drivers 3rd row window. This leaks behind the panel and the only real issue with it is that the jack/tool kit can get wet. I haven't tried to fix it, but it seems t be another issue that several on MUD have delt with. I just moved the jack and tools out of that location.
- Leather is worn it is 19 years old though. No holes or rips, but one stitch is loose on the passenger front. With the seat covers you will never know.

Best legitimate deal on a low milage 80 out there.


I took these 2 weeks ago. I need to wash it and get a few more pictures up. Please let me know if you have any questions.





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