1993 80 seiries must go Thinking 9k

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United States
does this sound like a good deal it i try to sell my 1993 80 series for 9k if it has 154k miles and is in great shape. I live near vancouver canada where these are kinda rare. I have seen lots for heigher prices but I want this puppy gone because my buddy who I wanted to build this thing up with has passed and now we are having a baby... is this a quick price sell for canada?
if you know of any on in the area you can let them know I am trying to sell
Wow, this post and that ad give the rest of us Canadians a bad name. Perhaps you could make at least one complete sentence and provide a reasonable description of the vehicle. I also doubt that you have seen a cruiser hit 1,000,000kms.
guzzlers arent fetching very much down here...lower main land is all caught up in this whole being effecient and green thing. with the price of oil n all.

looks like a clean truck, but your asking price is on the higher side. does it have lockers? maintenance records? that will help you more than claiming it can go a million miles. also, make a new ad with the proper spelling of cruiser. i still browse cruisers on CL even though i bought mine already, but your ad never came up tonight. just a thought.

the market is slim for gas cruisers though...good luck on your sale! (and the baby too!)
I recently traded in my '97 with 165k for $5600usd. I thought I got screwed, but I didn't get any offers when I tried to sell it. Now I'm glad I got that much, prices have plummeted. You might end up lowering your price, good luck.
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