For Sale 1993 1HD-T with H151F 5 speed Trans/Transfer - complete

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Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada
United States
1HD-T and H151F Transmission/Full-Time Transfer Case complete from an 08/1992 HDJ81 VX (it is a 1993 model year vehicle)

This vehicle was in a crash and does not have rebuild status, therefore everything that is good is available for parts. I am currently only advertising the engine and transmission... other parts will follow in time (please do not nag me for details on the other parts just yet).


Mileage 165,980 Kms
Was serviced with Amsoil engine and transmission oils when at RADD Cruisers
Timing Belt, Tensioner, Water Pump replaced at 143,051 Kms at RADD Cruisers
ACSD Delete at 141,121 Kms at RADD Cruisers

I do not have details of the BEBs being replaced as it was not done at my shop, but I will see if I can get the details of this work.

The vehicle is complete and in semi-drivable condition, the engine can be seen running if you want to stop by and have a look.

I have not performed a compression test, nor do I believe one is necessary. This engine starts and runs very well. Like many 1HD-Ts there is some blue smoke while the engine is cold, but disappears as the engine warms up.

$ 9500 USD $ 8500 USD Price Drop! - cash sale price
-> if you want to use another form of payment, you are responsible for the transaction processing costs.

- I will send photos of the engine and transmission, and any requested videos of the engine starting and running to a qualified buyer.

- I will include all the parts necessary to do the conversion that you request - gauge cluster, shifters, driveshafts, AC compressor, alternator, starter, engine wiring harness, solenoids for the 24/12V switchover (or you can save yourself a lot of hassle and convert the starter to 12V).

- I would rather someone came to pick it up, as palleting these is a bit of a hassle. I will charge for the time and costs that it takes to pallet.

- Export/Import paper work is something you will have to take on if it's going out of Canada. I can not help you with this (actually I can, but you should do your own reading - it's not that hard to do).

Please contact me directly at 250 746 8977.

AVOID leaving messages here in the Classifieds Section I DO NOT tend to follow threads on 'Mud.

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BTT with price drop to reflect the much stronger US Dollar
Sold, Pending Funds...

Thank you,


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