For Sale 1992 Toyota 4Runner with Lexus V8, unfinished project St.louis

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United States
I am selling one of my project vehicles due to the fact I dont have the time to finish it. it is a red 1992 Toyota 4Runner which was a V6 truck at one time interior is clean and in very good shape other than wear on drivers seat- it comes with a 65,000 mile Lexus 1UZFE V8 (Toyota V8) 4 speed auto transmission (engine is NOT installed) and 4 brand new BF Goodrich all terrain tires. the engine is not installed but I do have the engine mount adapters to bolt this engine into place. you will need to wire the engine (which comes with the factory wiring manual to help you) run exhaust and acquire a transfer case to bolt up to the engine.

located in St.louis

asking price is 1800, negotiable PM me with questions or for my phone number
Since your question made no sense, I will explain best I can for you-
1. do a search before asking me to tell you what the market is.
2. again do a web based search and you will understand. I will help you out here, people are swapping this into 4runners trucks all the time- more popular than a small block Chevy if you count Australia.
3. I can break it down if you like, Toyota 4Runner W/bad engine 700.00
brand new 31 " BFG tires with 1 new spare 400.00
Lexus SC400 drivetrain/computer/wiring harness 700.00

thats the market on prices for the above items which adds up to 1800- thats the "going rate of the parts"?! I think you mean going rate or maybe "what would the market be ?" not the "going market"

if I have to break it up and sell by themselves I will , the price will be more than what I have in all of the above for my trouble.

are you interested in any of the above items, or just asking questions?

a wise man once said "If you dont know what it is, you proly aint buyin it right?!"
4Runner Project

Did somebody on the forum buy this? If so keep us posted. I'm curious how this turns out. I'm pondering a 4Runner engine swap.

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