1992 Landcruiser - $4000

United States
1992 Landcruiser
215,000 miles
Memphis, TN

I purchased this cruiser about two years ago as a toy or backup car. I have never had it off road and I doubt the previous owner did either. The truck is virtually rust-free - the only rust is around the rear window and is the size of a thumbnail. I doubt if the truck has ever been driven in salt (it snows about once a year here in Memphis and they don't use salt on the roads.) I bought it because it was in such nice shape (in my estimation) and I wasn't worried about the high mileage on a Toyota. I drive it very seldomly.

The body is in very nice shape especially considering its age and mileage. It has a couple of small dings but they are minor.

The interior is in very nice shape as well. The drivers seat has a couple of tears, as I would expect any vehicle with this amount of miles would have, and the front passengers seat has a small tear also. There are some other signs of wear here and there but overall it's very nice. It has the third-row seats as well.

Rear tires are excellent, front tires are very good. Lots of life left in both. Brakes are new. Had a tuneup with thermostat, plugs, wires, etc. It passed the Memphis emissions tests.

It starts and runs really well. I'd drive it across the country tomorrow.

The sunroof is cracked but does not leak and it operates as it should. My daughter calls it a snowflake.

The check engine light comes on and goes off periodically. I diagnosed it as a oxgen sensor which I didn't really worry about enough to fix.

The EFI relay gets hot in the Memphis summers but causes no problems in cooler weater. I carry a spare and swap it out when need be. The permanent fix is detailed in the tech section as it is a common thing with this year apparently.

It's a great truck and I hate to sell it but it gets drives so seldomly I can't keep it.

Questions? Want more pictures? Call or email.

A.J. Wolfe
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