1992 300D 2.5 Turbo GreaseCar SVO WVO Veggie near Boston

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United States
Originally from Georgia, so absolutely no rust, very clean. mostly highway miles. very clean greasecar (www.greasecar.com) kit install and also includes an upgraded digital thermometer for the grease. new brakes, new tires, new belts, new glow plugs, throttle cable, all done within last 8k.

its black and no problems at all, runs without any issues. amsoil full synthetic oil used every 3k. starts on the coldest days without issues. looks like it was painted by the previous owner.

comes with 110 VAC stationary fuel filtration kit seen at the link below.

everything works perfect. it has the rectangular 15 gallon grease tank, not the round one. always ran amsoil synthetic. conversion was done at around 160k. i will not entertain tire kickers, serious inquiries only. i will try to post pics tomorrow. i regularly get 32-35 mpg on the highway on diesel and 28-30 on veggie.

$7500 209k miles.












it was my wife's primary car but she recently bought a 4runner and no longer drives this. i take the subway to work, and drive my 98 if i need to.

im in medford, near tufts.
curious if you've run into any problems running WVO? Does your 98 also have a kit? I've seen a lot of kits on older MB's, but not many on the newer ones, which is why I ask. My buddy and I actually converted his 1980 with DIY parts.
never had any issues running WVO, you have to be careful, use non-hydrogenated grease from a good source, chinese restaurant grease seems to be much cleaner. also de-watering is a very important step. i dont have a 98 benz.
Does the AC work?
AC is COLD!!!!!

and this puppy is SOLD!!!

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