1991 Land cruiser Prado LJ78 window issues (1 Viewer)

Aug 25, 2014
So I have my 91 Prado LJ78 and bought a new mater switch because my window switches didn't work on one window, didn't come up all the time on another and you had to press the lock hard to make it work.

So I took out the old switch and everything worked but one window so I sprayed a little cleaner in the connectors incase there was some corrosion. Plugged the switch back in and now my window switches don't work but my lock does. so I put in the old switch and it doesn't work.

I grab my tester and I have no power to my window, naturally I thought fuse #1 could find a fuse anywhere that say windows #2 tested all the fuses and they seemed good????

Now I have not poser coming to my windows, cant figure out my next move????? PLEASE HELP my windows are stuck down and rain is on the horizon. Never had this happen before and everything else seems to be operating OK.

Is there a window switch relay? Second fuse box somewhere?

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