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No longer for sale.

I'll start with the bad. Has minor surface rust on under carriage (upon closer inspection, there is no rust, except on the socks themselves), nothing serious. Cruise control works intermittently. CD wont play various artists. Some dings and dents here and there. Stock speakers are shot. Carfax notes minor accident at some point, though I see no evidence.

The good. Beautiful original paint, with exception of some dings and light scratches. Interior is nearly flawless. Drives beautifully. Used virtually no oil in the last 4000 miles. New tires. The a/c has only one setting, arctic cold, so cold in fact I wont use it. This truck has been base-lined already, and my wife and I drove it the long way from VA to CA, beautiful drive.

Asking $5900. Price is firm, buyer arranges shipping. The truck is now in Tucson AZ. Call mike at 209-617-1097 or email me at

EDIT:I really do not want to sell this truck. The only reason I am, is because I owe money on it, and am trying to purchase a second home.
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Oct 5, 2007
Dickinson, ND
I have owned it since April, 90,000 miles. It is still in ca. However I am willing to deliver anywhere in the US, with nothing more than gas and a plane ticket home. I go through LC's pretty quick, in my quest to find the one that suites me perfectly, haha. This one comes close, but is a little too nice for my needs.:steer:
Jun 26, 2009
Sacramento, CA
Can you discuss this situation? Did the above poster have a bad transaction with you?

This discussion puts doubts in the mind of a potential buyer.



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