For Sale 1991 Cruiser 168K miles

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United States
1991 Toyota Land Cruiser. Bought a newer FJ last week, and can't keep two. Solid, and runs great! COLD AC! Blue Exterior, Interior is Blue/Gray. Approx 168K miles.

Located in Hobbs, New Mexico
Can reach me on my work Cell (505) 975-9914
First $3800 takes it.

The bad: [FONT=&quot]The two things right now I know need to be fixed is the Power Antenna (broke, but motor runs) I think a new Antenna runs $50 without the power unit which works fine. And the Mirror on the passenger side will need to be replaced. Right now it can move forward and backwards without staying in place, but I do have a rubber piece that I put in there right now to keep it from moving.



Man that would be perfect if it were closer. Bump for ya.
Man that would be perfect if it were closer. Bump for ya.

Ya I know. I'm flying into Dallas next week, but they won't allow me to consider the cruiser a Carry on;)

If I ever come your way, I'll let you know. My home is actually in Louisiana, and I drive that route every once and a while when plane tickets get too expensive.

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