1989 Land Cruiser FJ62 in CA

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United States
1989 Land Cruiser with 260k original miles.

Vehicle is located in Woodland, CA just north of Sacramento.

Posted on Sacramento Craigslist as "1989 Toyota Land Cruiser (LandCruiser) and I have lots of photos posted here: http://photobucket.com/89toyotaLandCruiser

The car is not being used, I have something newer to transport the baby in, and it seems a waste to have it just sitting around.

We want to sell as opposed to donating somewhere only to get junked. I have seen all the Kelly Blue Book numbers and would accept the best offer.

Thanks for looking. My email: s.u.v.roadrage@gmail.com
Well, let's see. It has 260K miles. The drivers seat appears to have the usual crushed foam at the edge, and the vinyl is probably cracked in the typical place, because the picture of the drivers seat cuts off right about where the crack usually starts. It needs a knuckle rebuild based on the grease collection. I see a bit of rust at the bottom of the body. So all those items which are obvious, and the many that aren't obvious from the pictures will place the cruiser in the "fair" category on kbb.com. KBB says a 1989 landcruiser in fair condition from a private party is worth about $2300. Is that about what you were looking to get for it?
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