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Jan 7, 2021
San Antonio
78250 San Antonio Texas, United States
I am preparing to sell the black 1989 Eliminator. 4.0 2wd AW4 D35. Not quite ready to sell it as I need to change the brake booster (went out last week), and need to swap the wheels off of it to another set (other set has decent tires but the wheels are from an 01 cherokee). I am keeping the eliminator wheels for my 1991 eliminator.

This is kind of a pre-sale feeler. I have someone local interested in it for $2k but before I hit him up I figured I would offer it to the forum community first. At this time I am firm at $2k.

The Good:
-Almost no rust. Haven't taken a super close look at the floorboards but they appear intact from pulling the carpet up at least some of the way.
-It runs and drives pretty well.
-New alternator, harmonic balancer, re-wrapped engine harness, and new front wheel bearings, new fuel pump, new coolant hoses, new radiator.
-Has a (currently non-functioning) cab light.

The Bad:
- It leaks oil profusely. So much so I have not bothered to change the oil or filter as it leaks out a quart every 50-100 miles.
- It is a beater... Dented drivers rear under the tail-light, rock rash and big dent on driver rocker, tailgate is bowed, el-cheapo chinese 3-piece grill, tail-lights are present but not in great shape, paint is very gone, etc etc etc.
- Interior is mostly complete but not in great shape (seats are okay beside some tearing on drivers seat). Dash has a cracked area, headliner backing is there, I have a center console for it but it is from a cherokee, no radio, blower motor is included but not installed, not sure what if any of the dash electrics work beside the oil pressure gauge, voltage gauge, tach, and gauge back-lights.
- Windows only roll down about 3/4 of the way before getting stuck.
- No key for the door locks
-Texas Bonded Title (not really an issue, becomes clear in 2 more years)

Willing to sell it with or without some other parts (Chrysler 8.25, 2wd AX-15, maybe other crap I have sitting around)

Why am I selling it? Because I really want to get the red one on the road and I finished most of the big projects I needed the truck for at the moment. I expect to have the red one driving this summer.





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