1989 Chevy Full Size Blazer 67,000 Miles TX

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United States
SOLD! 1989 Chevy Full Size Blazer SOLD!

1989 Full Size Blazer Very Nice, Original, Low Miles! - $5900
Found me an 87 FJ60, so here's the Blazer again. Please forward this to all your GM lovin' friends!

I have driven it nearly every day for almost 2 years, and still rely on it as my daily transportation. Located in Granbury, Texas 76048

Dark Blue
350 TBI
700-R4 Auto tranny. This is a GM rebuilt tranny with a 3 year, 36,000 mile factory warranty as of 11/14/05.
Manual tranfer case, NP241C
The engine is very responsive, typical strong fuel injected Chevy 350. The 4WD engages easily in Hi and Lo, with no abnormal sounds, even in tight circles. I have never had any problems with overheating, even in the hot Texas summers.
According to the vehicle codes in the glove box, the differentials are 3.42 geared, with a Gov-locked rear diff.
Blue interior and exterior.
Silverado trim
Non smoker
Body is very clean, No body work apparent, no major dents or dings.
Aftermarket Clarion CD stereo. The speakers appear stock. It had an amp and box wired in when
I bought it. I removed those items and unhooked the wiring.
Remanufactured A/C compressor blows cold.
Michelin LTX A/T tires with 50% tread. These tires should easily last another 20,000 miles.
The springs appear original. The height measures about 36” at the center of the wheel wells. Shocks are Monroe Magnums, I don’t know how old they are.
The brakes are good, they had been recently replaced before I bought the truck.

With some time and TLC, this Blazer could easily be restored to 100% like new condition.

I have an Excel file of service, maintenance, and repairs that I can email to serious buyers. I have receipts for most of the maintenance performed.

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v731/hank14/1989 K5 Blazer/
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THat's a nice truck. i just sold my '89 and am still kicking myself for it. Do you know for sure that the mileage is accurate? Is it possible that it has rolled once? How close are you to Houston?
"THat's a nice truck."

Thank you:)

I bought it from an employees husband in Artesia, NM in May 2005 with 53,000 miles after selling my 99 UZJ100, . He had it for about a year. I ran a Carfax on it at that time, and it didn't show any mileage errors. I think I am the 4th owner.

It was originally registered in Lubbock, and it looks like it spent most of its time in West Texas, given the severely cracked dash and faded interior carpet. The exterior paint has some fading and a few minor dings and scratches, but they are not bad given the dark color which shows everything.

I can not guarantee the mileage, but have never thought it could have more than 150,000 miles just based on the overall condition. The biggest problem was the tranny going out, which I am used to seeing in 100-150K mileage GM trucks.

Granbury is 45 minutes southwest of Fort Worth. It is about 4 hours from the Woodlands.

I have family in Hempstead and Cypress off of 290 in Houston.

PM me if you would like to see it, or for any more details about the condition.
Here's a few pics.
Bought a 60.

Blazer for sale again. BUMP!

$6,000/ OBO within 30 days.
Offer of $5K cash on the table. Do I hear $5500?
Sold for $5300.
I'm finally a Toyota only family again (even if one is a %$*!van).

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