For Sale 1989 4Runner w/ Softopper, Beach Rig

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United States
Hey Gents,

Selling my 89 4runner to purchase an 80 series Land Cruiser/ LX450.
5 speed, 22RE, 220k mileage

Re did interior with new carpet and new sound system with custom wood panels for the mid and rear.
New Khaki paint with undercoated rockers.
Comes with 2 spare hard tops, one black and functional, the other red and missing side windows.
Timing chain and transmission replaced 90k miles ago.
Has typical fender rust issues coming from the NE. RF fender is new. Was going to cut and put bushwhackers in all around but never got around to it.
Fishing Rack may or may not go with sale...

Pics in ADD

1989 Toyota 4Runner

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