1988 Toyota 4Runner

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United States
1988 Toyota 4Runner $1200 Missouri

I am looking to sell my 4Runner, I have only owned it for about 4 months, but I will disclose everything I know about it as I was mislead before purchasing it and know nobody likes that.

Its rusty, like a corner of the "bed" fell off it in the wal-mart parking lot rusty, but the frame seems to be good, no rust perf. The right side of the body is worse than the left.

It is a V6, I do not know the history on the headgaskets but it doesn't use any coolant, and runs good. I replaced the timing belt, water pump and both t-belt tensioner pulleys when I bought it, just over 1K miles ago.

It has an automatic transmission that works well in all forward gears, it doesn't like to shift into overdrive when it's cold(I think this has something to do with the ECU trying to warm the engine up and is not a problem with the transmission) It also slips in reverse, but only when it's hot. This started after I had the transmission fluid flushed(I know bad idea on a high mileage vehicle) and has not gotten worse, so I wouldn't say that its going to quit altogether anytime soon.

The rear window does not work as intended by toyota but it can be opened and closed manually. The motor turns but I think maybe the gears on the regulator are stripped out, the rear defogger works.

The top has been off since I've owned it(the only way to rock a 1st gen runner) no problems there.

The front windows were converted to aftermarket power and do not work, I replaced the drivers window regulator with a non-power regulator and it rolls up and down but I do not have a handle for the crank, so I've been using a pair of small vice grips.

It has aftermarket power door locks as well, that do not work.

I installed a new electric water temperature guage, poorly I might add. It's in a hole I cut out where the stock temp gauge was, and would probably be best if the gauge cluster was replaced. It also does not work.

I've been getting about 11.5 mpg, sounds a little low to me, but I don't drive it much so I haven't worried about it.

I put 15x8" wheels on it and 2 new 31x10.50 15's and they really spread out nice on those 8" wide wheels(they looked smaller on the stock 15x6's) All tires have over 10/32" tread.

Cliff notes:
3.0 V6 automatic
200K miles
Runs good but its rusty!
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