Parting Out 1988 3FE & A440 Automatic (from FJ62)

Kentucky Pete

Jan 28, 2019
Portland, OR
I am doing a 1HDT conversion in my 1988 FJ62 that should be done in early October 2019.

This will leave me with my stock 3FE and A440 for sale.

The motor and tranny have 225,000 miles on them and still run/ drive well.
Most everything associated with the motor and transmission will come with it (sensors, ecu, vacuum components, etc).

Again, this won't be available until it comes out of the truck in late September 2019.

Asking $2,200 OBO for the package. I'd like to sell everything as a unit. I'll split sell the motor and tranny but nothing further than that.

Buyer to be responsible for dealing with shipping arrangements.
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