1987 FJ73 on ebay, thoughts?

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Jun 16, 2016
Buffalo, NY
I'm a total newbie when it comes to these vehicles, so I thought I would post here to solicit some opinions about the following ebay auction:

Toyota: Land Cruiser FJ73


I happen to love vintage 4x4s where the roof comes off...I've owned a Scout II and a 1st gen Blazer. Currently looking for my next toy, this would be used to get ice cream, not offroading.

Mostly curious about parts availability. I'm not very mechanically inclined when it comes to wrenching on cars, but there are some excellent independent mechanics in my area that I've used, and as long as I can get them what they need it shouldn't be a problem.

I would really be grateful for anyone to share their opinion, maybe also some thoughts on price?

toyota land cruiser F med en el campo 077.jpg
Hmmmm. A little more time spent with Google shows this truck supposedly sold for $28.5k on eBay back in January:

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser

Not sure why it's back for sale again...my suspicions are raised and my jimmies are rustled. Guess I need to talk to the seller and figure out what happened.
It has been posted more than once...like two or three times. The same seller sold another FJ73 in olive green even further back that eventually ended up with an ih8mud member and then the land cruiser museum in Utah. There is a thread about it on here if you want to do a search.

As an owner of a FJ73 imported from Colombia (same country as the one being advertised), I can share some of my personal experiences with you.

Parts availability is getting pretty difficult but not impossible. With the help of @beno , you can get some of the parts but you will be SOL for some others. I have bought a lot of parts from him and the mechanic I used also did getting my cruiser drivable. @beno is a valuable source of both parts AND information if you decide to get this FJ73.

Some of the parts are very expensive. I have a brand new OEM Toyota soft top for my FJ73 stored away that listed at $1,700 at the time I got it.

One thing to definitely be aware of is wiring. Make sure it is not all hacked up or it will be a huge headache for both you and your mechanic. Colombians seem to love to hack up OEM wiring for stereos, alarms, power windows, etc.

Cooling system is another as Colombians don't use antifreeze (no need to) and can corrode the cooling system over time. Some cooling components are still available, but the radiator is not.

Interior parts look good on this vehicle from what I can see in the photos but I can personally tell you that South American cruisers tend to have "well used" interiors, such as mine personally.

If this FJ73 has the clutch booster for the clutch master cylinder, that part is no longer available either.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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