For Sale 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

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Kind of an odd ball trade, but I'm looking to trade my 1986 Porsche 951 for a nice 1st gen taco. I'm going to be pretty picky with what I'm wanting, but here's my taco wish list: 4x4, Manual Trans, Extended Cab, Manual Hubs, Green is a plus, 4 cylinder is a plus, lower miles is a plus as well, camper top is also a plus. Would also sell outright. Would also consider a 2nd gen Taco or 4th gen 4runner.

About my car:

It's the third 944 I've had and by far the best in both condition and performance. Unfortunately, it does not fit my lifestyle right now and so it must go. Looking for $10,500 OBO. Car is located in Chattanooga, TN.

The Good:
Front Suspension:
Koni double adjustable shocks with M030 threaded collars (coil-overs)
KLA Billet Monoball upper strut mount
Racer's Edge upper hat and lower seat
Hypercoil 350lb springs
Rebuild control arms with lowering race spindle pin
968 M030 updated caster blocks
Turbo S M030 28.5mm Front sway bar with solid center bushings

Rear Suspension:
Koni Coil-overs with Hypercoil 450lbs springs
Racer's edge upper hat and lower seat
18mm adjustable rear sway bar with solid bushings and drop links
Tie down eyes on rear shocks (easy transportation to track)

Corner Balanced
Reinforced torsion tube carrier
Aggressive Alignment

Rebuilt ~30k ago, at which time the Lindsey Racing 340 RWHP kit was installed.
Rebuilt Head and converted to spring loaded Tensioner within the last month.
Passed Emissions in Hamilton County TN with no issue.

BBS RS 16 x 7's and 8's
205/55R-16 Bridgestone RE-11
255-/50R-16 Bridgestone RE-11

The Bad:
Clear is peeling in some areas and paint isn't in perfect shape (rock chips, etc)
Broken Fog Light Cover (Happened unloading car from trailer)
Missing one seat adjustment button
Typical 944 stuff (cracked dash, odometer not working, hatch seal, sunroof not working)
AC condensor is MIA. PO had a new radiator installed but left the condenser off.
Odometer shows ~183K and I do not think that is very far off. PO replaced it with a GT3 and it sat until the HOA decided it should go. A well know 944 mechanic in the Nashville area got it and went through it before I bought it, so belts, water pump, and rollers are all taken care of (new in October)

Overall the car is very solid. I purchased it in October to be my daily driver and in December the stud that the tensioner mounts to gave up the ghost. I had the head repaired and had it upgraded to the later, spring loaded tensioner. In the time that the car was out of commission, I changed jobs and this car won't work for what I need. It drives great, boost feels good, and handles like it is on rails. I have receipts for suspension and engine work that total to around 15K. This would be a great weekend car, DE car, track car, or DD if you don't mind a little more racy ride. The factory sport seats are awesome. Supportive where you want it and cushy where you don't.

I will have some more pictures tomorrow, I ran out of daylight today. I also have a stack of receipts if you want them and am happy to give you my mechanic's name and number to answer any more questions about the car.

Link to pictures: Porsche 951

Dropped my price to 9750 and added some new pictures

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