1986 lj 73

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Jun 14, 2016
heres my 1986 lj73.
found it in Italy , body looked good, so got it home.
fluids got changed, bearings on front axle , timing belt, water pump
brake hoses were cracked on the outside, got changed....then we found the master cilinder had pitting inside...
slowly the car gets better. I installed a webasto, works really nice in winter and I collect parts to fit ac on it.

still few unresolved issues
1-temperature will raise on highway uphill, havent changed the fan clutch yet and I hope its not the head. I drove like this 26000km so far, cannt quite believe its possible to drive so much on a cracked head. no smoke, no oil contaminated and no loss of coolant. truck has 340000km.

2-brakes loose their bite soon after I start to dive. initially they are quite snappy, then its like u have grease on pads. I guess its the vacuum pump, but not sure yet.

I had a look on the posts, there are some great trucks around




Welcome Alexi nice truck.
The thermostat could be causing your overheating issue or you could try changing the oil in the fan clutch before replacement. If that doesn't work you may need to have the radiator cleaned or replaced. When you say you lose brakes does the peddle go rock hard when this happens ? If yes then it sounds like the vacuum pump is not keeping up to system.
I'm running hilux calipers with a 80 series booster on my hj75 and it's night and day diferance.
changed thermostat, fan belts are new. Radiator will come out and get checked, but at the minute Im not at home. I hear the fan clutch roaring when I start the engine, but later, when I get it in second gear uphill, even with engine hot, it doesnt roar.
I heard a new hilux in africa, the fan clutch was making a lot of noise uphill with load on the flatbed (ie ten people....)
I will get a new fan clutch, then see if I can fix the old one, provided there will be a difference between the two.

as for brakes, pedal gets hard. Looked at booster as explained in manual and it seems functional. If I bypass all the lines between vacuum pump and booster with a hose , then brakes get better. Vaccum reservoir doesnt have rust and all valves seem to work.
If I warm up the engine with the webasto, then brakes are weak to start with.

I think to get a vaccum meter and check what happens with the pump, cold/warm, before ordering the vacuum pump kit.

I dont know if vaccum pump can become less efficient once engine warms up as a result of the blades beeing used?

I have no truck history, no idea if this pump ever got serviced or not.
hi guys. webasto is a second hand unit from France ("le bon coin "and a bon friend…:)).
we tested it in a bucket and the start signal for it is a negative.

mind you, I believe the unit does use some battery power when not in use, for long term parking, either put a solar panel or take out the fuse for webasto

it looks that I inserted it on the small heating loop. If you rig it this way, u must leave the heater lever open, otherwise the unit will enter shut down loop.

exhaust is an ebay purchase.

the fuel line comes along the firewall, with the brake vaacum lines (lhs vehicle, fuel filter on left too). the T junction is inserted between fuel filter and injection pump.





now, the drawing translation is
buton= command on/off switch
pompa motorina =webasto fuel pump
A1 and B2 get connected to +
A2 connected to -
B6 will feed the webasto fuel pump+
B5 will give the - for the on /off command

I do not know if all webasto units work the same, I believe the ones commanded by the car computer (say a modern bmw one)cannot be rigged as easy as this.

winter round the corner, found the oem rear mud flaps brackets. to connect them to the mudflap I had to fix first the metal plate to the mudflap. I don't know how it was originally, mine just had a big hole and the rubber was torn.

on the left hand side its a fairly rigid assembly, on the right it does flex a lot, probably its a good thing since the bracket is only hold by one screw to the inner wheel arch.



here is how auber type instruments look like on the dash.
on the slot above the radio they might fit better if the plastic behind them gets cut, but I will wait to see how much space they require when they are wired. mind you, the units are quite long, 7-8 cm
they can also be used to show other measurements, not just egt.

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