1986 hj 60 for sale DIESEL

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United States
If you're looking for one of the good ones:

only 313,000km
Diesel with new: suspension, tires, rad, batteries.
Frame is good, paint is original with minor rust in wheel wells.
24 to 12volt converter, cd/mp3 player x 4 speakers
Original interior... overall in great shape. (selling because I need to switch to a 7 passenger)
$11,000 CDN in Vancouver BC

pics are here: https://cid-0511c222142a01ff.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Landcruiser Pictures
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didn't know the 86 came with an auto.

was this just in the HJ as opposed to the 4spd in the FJ? i would have assumed it would have the 5spd if i hadn't seen the pictures...


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