~*~ 1985 FJ60 - Rust Free 149,000 miles ~*~

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I posted this landcruiser on my local Craigslist (Charleston) about 3 months ago and recieved lots of interest. Orig. listed for $9,000, (because I have a lot in it) but she needs to go, and I don't have the time to devote to get her up to that price. Now asking $7,000 obo. A nice guy named Will came and looked at it and referred me to this wonderful forum!~ I really hope to find a buyer that will truly appreciate this beauty.

I purchased this landcruiser in West Texas and drove it back to South Carolina in 2005. All original, straight body, alpine mp3 stereo unit with infinity speakers, new BF Goodrich AT's, 2 f motor, 4 speed.
It has a new starter, oil pressure sending unit, brake master cylindar, clutch master cylindar, power steering pump (not reservoir), new alternator, new Denso spark plugs , brand new OEM plug wires. All new pure silicone vacuum lines by Hose Techniques. The radiator has been recored. A/C works and probably needs a recharge to blow super ice cold (which I can do for you). Rare bull bar on front bumper. I've upgraded the mirrors to FJ62 mirrors, but have the orig. in box. Rims have been restored and are in excellent shape. 4x4 and lock out hubs in excellent working condition. Chrome bumpers in excellent condition as well as bumperettes. The paint, glass, and gaskets are in great shape considering age.

Negatives: Valves probably need to be lashed, small tears on the drivers seat (inconspicuous) which can easily be repaired. Typical EGR valve issues, small cigarette burn on the back seat, small dash crack above stereo head unit. Probably could be tuned to perform better by reworking the diaphrams and valves.

Overall, she's a really great landcruiser. Probably the most rust free FJ60 in the southeast!! I've taken good care of her. I don't have the time or money to give her the attention she deserves. She is definately a good candidate if you're looking for a great body and great FJ60 to restore. I really hate to see her go, but I'm getting into the military and we have baby number 2 on the way!! I need this truck gone!! - just promise that you'll send pics as you restore it!!

Will Murray

photo album here!
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I took a gander this beauty a month or so ago. If you had it at this price then, I would have probably snatched it up but I bought an 80.

If you want a truly rust free cruiser and here on the East Coast, it is certainly worth a look. CidGrad03’s description is accurate. I crawled all over it looking for rust but there is none on the body or frame.. There is some surface stuff forming on some if the engine bling but a little steel wool will address that.

All original, with pristine tool set. Interior looks great except the minor stuff that was mentioned.

It ran a little rough but with a baseline performed, valves adjusted and some addressing minor vacuum/egr stuff, she’ll purr. A very nice example indeed.
trekker was correct, she was running a little rough...i've spent the weekend working under the hood and now she's running like a champ. Come take her for a drive and hear her purr!!! I might have to increase the price....;)

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