1985 fj60 parts wagon

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Nov 28, 2007
United States
1985 fj60 parts wagon now parting out

with the exception of those who already have parts purchased off of this car, everything else is sold.
thank you.
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Year, miles?

Might be calling dibs on the t-case:)
it is a 1985 fj60. the car is not at my house right now to look at but i think it has 230K miles. the windshield is smashed. when i got it i was told it drove around very well until the carb was removed. which i still have. the drivetrain is all still there minus a couple smaller parts which i used (smog pump, underhood blower motor, nothing major). the whole car is rust free. for more info PM me for a phone #. i will try to get pictures up for you guys tonight.
hopefully these pics will come up.
Are you parting this out or trying to sell it whole?
let me know if you decide to part it. I need ignition stuff.
Could really use both rear quarter panels and front drivers side panel. Where is the truck located? Opps... I see it is in AZ. I'm in denver.
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I need the fender side marker lights. I have good lenses if the buckets and rubber is ok.
If you part it out and the inner door panels are good, I'm interested as long as they are the brown ones.
Not the brown ones. Charcoal. some are good, driver door not so good.
Parting this 85 cruiser for pete207

We decided to part it out. It's in my yard so email me with any questions. I'll check in here periodically, you can also email me directly at fracturezone@aol.com. Location is near Cottonwood,AZ
so it's nho longer in norcal?! bummer, i'd buy the whole thing if it is since i'm in stockton.
Just bought a second 60, so won't need the panels. Looks like a good body tho, so good luck.
attention everyone. i have the car at my friends house who is AMCXJ on ih8mud. he is going to part out the car after all. if you need any parts please contact him either through "AMCXJ" on this website or email him at fracturezone@aol.com
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What's the condition of the axle/housing complete? How much for the front axle complete..housing and all?
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