1984 Fj60

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United States
I have to let one of my cruisers go. It is an 84 FJ60 that has very little rust. There is surface rust on the frame, but that is about it. It runs and drives, but does not pass Oregon DEQ. The interior is complete and in decent shape. Have an extra tranny and passenger front fender included.
Asking 1999.
Portland, OR
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The truck has about 240,000 miles on it. It is white with tan interior. I do not know a lot about the history of the truck. I bought it off a buddy of mine to build up for wheeling, camping, hunting, etc... Then my wife got pregnant, so I bought another one that didn't need any immediate tlc (It's my DD also), and so this one has been waiting. But I have come the realization that it won't happen. The money is going into my 85. I have to let someone else work on her. Her life began in the desert of Eastern OR is about all I know, hence the no rust. The passenger fender is mangled beyond repair, but have an extra to go on.
84FJ Driver.jpg
84FJ Passenger.jpg
Can you send me some pictures of the mangled fender? Is the headlight shroud still in tact? Thank you.


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