Parting Out 1984 FJ60 Yakima WA, light roll, low miles

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Hoosier Daddy

Jul 1, 2005
CO Springs
United States
This had been a pampered 1984 60 with only about 116K miles, minimal rust, well maintained - until it slid off an embankment yesterday, rolling onto its roof and sliding down a hill a ways before a stout pine tree snagged the front winch bumper and flopped it back onto its wheels. Five guys inside, none wearing seatbelts, but no significant injuries. It was winched back up to the road, where it started and ran. The windshield is busted out, so it was towed home.

This truck belongs to my father-in-law and it is currently located in Yakima, WA. My FIL is not interested in parting out the truck, and is looking to sell it as a whole unit. I put it in this category because I consider it basically a collection of parts rather than a driveable vehicle. I've not seen the truck but it sounds like a soft roll that dented every body panel, especially the passenger side. The body is done. He believes the running gear and drive train are not significantly damaged. I am awaiting further photos and information but wanted to go ahead and get this up in case anyone is interested in getting more details or taking a look.

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willings to sale the carburetor and the metal trim on the back of rear seat?
How much for the front headlight doors?
If they are in good shape?
Additional photo, lowered the asking price, NOT interested in parting out further.
bummer...someone save it!
If I had a place to park it, I'd buy it from my FIL myself. I'm tempted to buy it from him, beat it out halfway straight with a sledgehammer, and just use it as an off-road beater. There's a truck with a dead motor locally on Craigslist for $2200, but I don't have a place to park one of them, much less two.

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