1984 FJ60 in NC for sale

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United States
1984 Brown FJ60
$2500 obo
152,000 miles

purchased this to make a trail truck. was gunna rhino line the inside and some of the out. all carpet has been removed, bought it without rear bench. dash is nice, AC had been changed to new stuff. 4WD shifts smoothly, trans is good, prob need clutch soon. engine runs smooth. some rust as u can see in pics, exhaust removed from drivers seat back. de smogged, but have all the stuff. leaks oil from front seal, and the fuel pump should prob be changed, have both parts rdy to be installed. Have a bunch of spare parts from a donor same year same color. Two front quarter panels, complete steering column with steering wheel, spare front seat, rear hatch with glass in great condition, etc.. just a bunch of random stuff, all goes with truck. email me for more info.


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password is steffen
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