1983 Honda CB1100F

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United States
Fastest production motorcycle 1983,108HP. One year model. 15K. Runs like its fuel injected. Many new OEM parts. Driver quality,paint retouched in spots. PM me for more pics or info. $3000/bo
That is hot!
It looks like yours is in very good condition, too!

I have an '80 CB750F (Super Sport) in Utah that I'm looking forward to getting reaquainted with in the future.

Sorry to hear/see you part with it, but good luck with the sale!



I had a 82 750F that I sold a while back. They are nice bikes too. I have also owned a 900F, which never ran from the day I bought it until the day I sold it. :eek:

Right now, I am focusing on restoring my 80 CBX. It is going to be a sexy machine!

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