1982bj42 For Sale

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1982 BJ42 up for grabs, I had posted this a few months ago when is was in a worse off state it now has a rough donor tub bolted in. I purchased this truck three years ago and it has spent time as a daily driver and has also spent its fair share of time up on blocks as I have taken my time fixing several basic things. Replaced flat front springs with good condition stock springs and new u-bolts and bushings. Replaced the front drive shaft forward u-joint, two new interstate batteries were purchased just after I bought the truck. I wire wheeled most of the frame and painted black with rust paint. Replaced rear backing plates with good condition second hand ones. New rear brake shoes, springs, and brake lines. Rear frame wire wheeled and rust painted, new spring hanger gussets bolted in, new rear shackles and bushings. Just complete a trip to and from Anacortes WA and she ran beautifully. Engine is running great and no transmission issues. Body is rough but sturdy enough for driving I recently bolted in a donor 1/2 tub which has solid wheel wells and body mounts but the bed is hard off. Other than the body there are minor things that need attention, such as a faulty flasher relay. But that is part of owning a Cruiser. Front fenders, hood, doors in good shape, firewall is in good shape. The frame is good other than needing new 45 degree supports in the rear and would benefit from a frame boxing kit aft of the rear tubular cross member (my intention if I was going to keep it), I am going to keep touching up minor issues until someone buys her and perhaps I’ll get a few more road trips in before then. No complete hard top and no soft top, few odd and sods. I would like to get $3000. Please contact me at gardinerlawson@hotmail.com should be able to send pics via email, I am located in North Vancouver BC.

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