1982 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton 4x4

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United States
Needing to sell some of my rigs I dont use and projects.
I bought this from my ex boss because he had to quickly move out of state to take care his wifes family that was ill and take his wife with him to care for her as well.
Its just a regular cad dodge 1/2 ton 4x4 318 v8 4spd. straight body besides dent under pass rocker and a small dent on the tail gate. the paint is original and worn thin. has surface rust on roof and part of the hood. you can still see where the early 80's big 4x4 graphics were. canopy, trailer hitch, decent tread on tires. interior is pretty nice besides headliner falling down and drivers seat rip.
can send photos leave me your e-mail. photos to big to out on here.
asking 1250
any pics of the Mopar?
pm me your e-mail
slow91fj90 never got that pm.

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