1981 Toyota shortbed 4x4

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Jul 11, 2008
United States
1981 Toyota shortbed 4x4 Pickup

Frame is shot. The truck yard drives, one owner 130,000 mile truck was driven home for parts with rotted, but not wasted frame. It is now wasted. Must be towed away! Good drivetrain, carb questionable, No power steering, 5sp, good glass, stock open diffs, good tailgate. Do not want to crush $300 I also have a blue dash bad with a 2 inch crack and a black dash pad with a 1 inch crack. Both are very useable and better than most I have seen. I will part out if requested. Located in Putnam County NY.
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What engine did this truck come with. The 22r or the 20r? I'm interested in the harness.
Sorry, lookin' for a 20r harness.
What 5spd transmission does it have? Disc brakes?
Disc brake front end, I believe it is a L52 5 speed. Located in NY
Someone make a trailer out of that bed!

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