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Jan 12, 2006
Richmond, VA
United States

1981 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler - $33,500
Located in Mechanicsville VA.

SBC 350 TBI - Built
Dodge NV 4500
Dana 300
Chevrolet Dana 60, 5:38 Detroit, Torq big brake kit
Corporate 14 bolt, 5:38 ARB
38” Falken Wildpeak MT (5)
ATX Chamber Pro beadlocks (5)
Genright front fenders (6” flare), sliders, rear armor and fenders (6” flare)
Custom cage built off Genright front cage parts
Bestop Trailmax SS front and rear seats
Kayline soft top
Pro comp LED headlights
Wagoneer front leafs using Dave’s Unlimited shackle forward kit
Skyjacker XJ 2.5 rear springs
Beefy Antiwrap bar out back with Ruffstuff kit
YJ doors and soft uppers
Warn Zeon 8s (June 2018)
Genesis Dual battery kit with 2 Optima yellow tops (June 2018)
Autometer instrumentation
Tuffy center console and glovebox with marine bluetooth speaker and 2 ken woods out front
Smittybilt rear cargo box/drawer (June 2018)
Highangle Driveline 1350 rear CV shaft and 1350 front
West Texas Redneck Ram Hydro-assist - full set up/cooler/high flow pump
Motobilt rear bumper (June 2018)
Genright rear crossmember
Rear mounted CJ tank and skid
Flexalite Radiator and Electric fan
Dual diaphragm booster with Ram 2500 master cylinder
Adjustable Prop valve
Line Lock
Ruffstuff Diff covers/Lube Locker/Bump stops
.25 wall DOM tie rod and draglink
MORE steering box mount and brace
Flaming River column and intermediate shaft
Rear swing out with 3 Daystar Camcans
Barnes 4wd skid plate

The motor was just refreshed in October 2018 with a complete new top end. Edelbrock aluminum heads, Edelbrock Intake, New Distributor. Full Crane Roller Valvetrain.
Bottom end is .030 with flat top pistons and a RV cam. Stock TBI injection. The head gasket had a compression leak on the Ultimate Adventure that caused some issues on the long mountain passes, so why just replace when you can upgrade! Motor is cooled by a Flexalite SBC radiator with a 3000 CFM electric fan and shroud that is run off the motor sensor in the passenger head.
Everything on the motor is new except the alternator.

The rear axle is all new in April 2018. Late model 2004 Factory Disc 14 bolt with ARB and 5:38 with the larger 6mm HD air line. Single ARB compressor under the hood. Ruffstuff cover and pinion guard, Beefy Antiwar bar and frame reinforcement for zero axle wrap.

The front Dana 60 was just refreshed in June 2018 with a Torq Motorsports big brake kit that uses 2010+ Ram 3500 slip on 14’ rotors and high calipers. All new bearings when the hubs were machined. Full 35 spline axes with Warn Premium hubs and outer tube seals. New Tierod ends in Oct 2018 after the Ultimate Adventure. West Texas 1.5” ram with a Derale dual pass cooler and new pump in June 2018.

The NV 4500 is from Dodge, and when paired with the 5:38 and stock Dana 300 gearing gives around a 75:1 crawl in 1st gear. Custom High Angle Driveline flange for a 1350 CV rear shaft. Complete spare rear driveline that is new. Purchased for the Ultimate Adventure for a spare but never needed it.

The color is 2013 Jeep Commando Green. Touch up paint is available and included in spray cans and pens etc…along with around a quart of extra paint left over from the paint job in 2016. Body is rust free with a few small bumps and tree rubs from normal wheeling. The windshield frame is new, but has a dent from the Ultimate Adventure, but otherwise in great shape. YJ doors and Bestop soft uppers in spice color. Kayline soft top with roll up safari side windows in great shape. 1 small hole at the back passenger corner but great for a 10+ year old top. All zippers work great.

The suspension is all new in June 2018 with Crown factory replacement Wagoner front springs with a skyjacker full length add-a-leaf. The rear spring are XJ 2.5” lift skyjacker springs. Skyjacker M95 shocks currently installed and Fox 2.0s included. Several spare Wagoner 44044 and XJ packs included. Ruffstuff bumpstops.

This rig just plain works. Perfect gearing selections for slow technical crawling or drop a gear and open up the motor and have fun. The wheelbase is stretched front and back and right at 110”. With a rear ARB its amazing nimble in the tight trails on the east coast. Easily cruise at 80 down the highway at 2500 RPM with ample power to pass while going up hill without dropping a gear.

I’m moving onto a new project and can’t have 2 rigs at a time. With a herniated disc in my back and a bad knee…it’s time to move onto an automatic based rig with ample seating for my family of 6. There is nothing I would change about this rig and would welcome the opportunity to hop in and drive it anywhere. I completed the 2018 Ultimate Adventure in this rig and it really brought me back to the enjoyment of just driving it and not towing. I just bought a trailer in spring of 2018 and have towed this rig 3x, but I really miss driving it….

I have a ton of pics at the attached IMGUR link and go to Motortrend or youtube and watch all of the 2018 Ultimate Adventure videos for plenty of wheeling action.

Let me know if you have any questions or want specific pics!

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