For Sale 1981 300SD complete parts rig with prob's

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
United States
I drug this rig home hoping it was good for more than scrap, the sad part is that it has 185,000 miles on it and started right up- and it had a freeze plug fall out while I was pouring water in- not pressurized at all. There is some blow by but I would say it sounds good and runs good with some smoke (it has old fuel). I cannot tell conclusively if the block or head has damage. PO said it drove fine and shifted fine as well.. Can't necessarily trust that but who knows. Willing to part out or sell whole for $500 for all or as many parts as you would like. Some parts I won't sell if it renders valuable parts not so valuable. No shipping at this time. Located in Williams, Oregon.

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