Trade 1978 FJ40 looking to trade for a fj60, fj80, fj100, fj200

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Looking to TRADE my 1978 fj40 for a newer model, can add cash on top.

My current daily drive is a 87 fj60 with a h55f swap and I love it.

4 wheel disc - 6 shooter hubs. New Brake Booster and New Master Cylinder-Dual
sm420-7:1 1st gear.
Ron Davis Radiator with Mount from Man a fre, with black magic electric fan.
orion transfer case 4:1-Vally Hybrids built it I have the receipt.
arb air lockers front and rear with arb compressor
4.11 gears.
4 plus product rear bumper
Procar Rally Seats-New,
new soft top, new soft doors-Best Top
350 tbi howell, passes emissions,
Tilt column, Power Steering Saginaw
,Alcan. Springs,
Spring Over Axles with 6 Shooter Hubs.
Heavy duty Steering
New bilsteins shocks
37x12.5x15 set of 5 like new Pitbull Rockers
Autometer gauges, Has new wiring harness and new wiring throughout.
Disc Brake Parking Brake integrated onto orion transfer case.
Optima Battery
Panty Hanger on dash. - Babes dig it. (makes a perfect midlife crisis car, surprise the wife on the next anniversary.) Park it on the neighbors lawn, destroy that neighbors yard you hate.

Car is built right, I have owned over 20 landcruisers, this is built right.

I bought it thinking I would use it more, but have too many fj40s.

PM me if your interested.




20211224_102940 (1).jpg

IMG_20211224_112119_270 (1).jpg

20211204_124317 (1).jpg

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Bought me a tundra so need the room.
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Still available. Can add cash on my end fj60 fj80 fj100 fj200.
NOVA3655June 03, 20224160 x 6240june3rd_2022.png
NOVA3658June 03, 20224160 x 6240june3rd_2022.png


I've got a 1999 LX470 with 260K miles on it. I love this truck but it's just way too luxurious for my needs.

It currently has front and rear bumpers, mud tires, sliders, skid plates, drawers (can be easily removed and replaced with seats).

Winch, fridge, 2" ironman FCP lift and SPC UCAs installed (although not pictured above. I just finished installing the lift).

I've done every maintenance item that you can short of taking the body off the frame haha

I'm not entirely sure about selling or trading her yet if you're genuinely interested, I may entertain a trade plus cash.
Still open to trades. Prefer less than 200k miles, can add cash on my end.

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