eBay 1978 FJ40 - Fuel Injected, Power Steering, etc.

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United States
Hi all,

Well, it is time. Time to sell my fj40 after 3 years of enjoyment, it's time for a new toy. Bought a bigger vehicle for the family and stuff too. So my FJ40 is on the block. It is on am planning to put it on ebay, but I would love for it to go to someone on mud.

I have about $15K invested but I know I won't get most of that.

Please note. I bought this on ebay, but it was from another mudder. So he might see his old vehicle here for sale again.

Located in Westchester County, NY

Here is a write up:

Here are more pictures

Ebay link: Toyota : Land Cruiser FJ40 in Toyota | eBay Motors

Please contact me with questions.
PS Sorry but I had to list on ebay. I need to get the most money out of this vehicle possible to put toward something else. Auction can help do that. thanks
what does anyone think of this one? I looking at getting my first 40 but cant go and see this one in person before the auction ends

please help a newb
thats what it has. No idea why. Probably some PO did it. But it has front discs like a 78 should. I think the body says 77 probably because that is when it was made. It was probably first registered in 78 and that might have set the year for title purposes. Again, I dont really know. All I know is its a great truck, TBI is great, brakes great and looks presentable :)
I'll put this truck with the F engine and TBI up against any carburetted 2F any day!
I'm in Ticonderoga (about 4hrs from you). I have to work this weekend so I can't make it down

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