SOLD 1977 Toyota FJ40 US Spec - Northcentral PA

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  1. 40 Series
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1977 Toyota FJ40 – US Model

I procured this some 10 years ago saddled with the regret of selling my ’76 when I was in high school. I purchased it through my business at the time so the hand painted artwork was performed under my ownership (no clearcoat). Since then, I sold my business to spend more time with my kids, wife, dogs etc. My son has a blossoming racing career so my time is dedicated to wrenching, traveling, spending, etc. So why sell now, just wait, right? Well as the supply chain is still monkeyed beyond belief, we are down to one vehicle (race van) and it’s not working out. My wife needs a car so I figured we could pass this along to someone in the search for an US FJ40.

This one was originally an California rig that came to PA via Iowa. It has never been driven in the winter or spring until the salt was washed on all surfaces. Never driven in the rain unless I got caught in it coming home from a drive. Currently has 75,409 miles on the clock. I believe these to be original with no known rebuilds.

Body condition, everyone’s biggest concern, it’s good overall. It was repainted under prior ownership and it’s driver quality, not museum. There are some spots that have seen repair on the rear corners and along the floor at the rear doors. The doors themselves are all solid (minus speaker holes in the rears from the prior owner). The front fenders are solid with a small dent along the lower right panel where I may have lost a battle with a tree branch, open to debate as the wife made the claim. Wheels from that side also show a few nicks as well but all are straight and true. My focus was a solid mechanical driver that looked correct and wasn’t a bondo nightmare as I purchased it to drive and enjoy with my family.

Over the years I have painstakingly went through the wire harness to address any issues. Everything electrical works as it should, any replacement wires are period and color coded correctly to the harness or the ’77 wiring diagram in the event I couldn’t track things down. I have performed a series of period correct upgrades as well. To date I have installed the ’78 rollbar to facilitate the use of seat belts with the top off. Rebuilt the heater box, intake, ducts, etc. Installed correct knobs on dash and filled openings accordingly with OE plugs. Added factory center console and painted all interior parts the correct FJ40 pewter color which in in of itself is a major task. Secured nearly all the correct parts to straighten out the intake (duct, rubber hose, clamps, etc.). Replaced nearly all of the factory rubber items throughout the entire vehicle with OE or from City Racer, LLC if not available OE. Replaced the pins in the swing out tire carrier and installed plastic bushings. Installed the Warn 8274 correctly with help from IH8MUD. (completely rebuilt – are free ones always the best?) I am leaving out volumes of work I have performed but who wants to read it all anyway.

Some additional info:

Fender flares were added by the last owner....yeah they're cut...

I will restate my above comment and I wanna be honest, it's a driver, NOT a museum piece. There are rust bubbles, Toyota metal '76, '77, '78 was trash but it's all intact. I'm positive during the repaint something was done but I don't see any patch welds or wavy bondo. It's solid, not a rust bomb but we all know what happens when you start grinding. I didn't buy it for that either; Me - scratch, so what, dent, who cares. It still presents very well overall. I was more concerned about it leaving me sit.

It is lifted, shackles and SOR springs. Tires are 33x10.50x15s.

Smog stuff - the body sticker does state "Non-Catalyst", smog pump might be somewhere in my collection, the thermonuclear manifold is for sure but all the vacuum/air pump stuff is blocked off or gone.

Here’s a bulleted list of spares, people like lists, no?


Spare 4.2 litre 2F block to receive the factory power steering mount

Factory power steering box

Factory power steering pump

Steering column

Steering wheel (like new)

Nearly every unobtanium rubber piece for the entire vehicle

Fuse boxes

Entire front dash/firewall with all wiring and knobs/pads, etc.

Factory speaker

Factory radio

Factory seats with rear pans and headrests

Rear heater – painted to match

Replacement spare tire carrier hinge pins (greaseable)

Front heater box, duct, etc.

Body mirrors

Factory cloth door straps for when the doors are off

Rebuild kits for transmission/transfer case/front axle – these were all sourced through reputable FJ40 suppliers

There are some areas left to complete/install but I have it all separated and boxed. I just don’t have the time or the space at the moment. I would like to keep it all together for the buyer as I know how hard it is to source many of these parts and spares. I’m looking to get $28,000 as I believe it’s a fair number given the vehicle condition and vast quantities of spares for the new buyer. I’m an open book, you have questions just ask, I will answer if I know or I performed the work. I can't thank everyone on this forum enough as you are a HUGE resource for improving and keeping these things alive! The photos here are very recent and in it's natural state.

Photo link should work now, enjoy!





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