For Sale 1977 steering column set up for saginaw PS

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Nov 26, 2011
Park Ridge NJ

1977 column modified for saginaw PS , comes with intermediate shaft and tie rod made for sag box $200
I sent you a PM on other items you have for sale, but on this item I might be interested depending upon (1) length of the steering drive shaft minus the PTO universal joint, (2) the blue bolt-on firewall anchor bushing/plate (if you are willing to cut off the PTO universal joint to get it off), and (3) the tie rod tube. To save on postage I would not be interested in the stock steering column, the PTO universal joints, or the tie rod ends. Then for firewall anchor, drive shaft, and tie rod tube I'd go possibly 1/2 what you are asking (provided the drive shaft has not rubbed against the frame or motor mounts, cutting a groove into the shaft). Lemme know if my low ball figure interest you at all?????

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