1977 Fj40

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yes it is but it looks like it has an early 70 front end on a 77 body, no big deal though....
I actually drove down from michigan today to take a look at it, i took a trailer with , truck is in good condition, other for a little putty in the passanger quater and in the rocker panel the rest of the body has no rust, the truck was recently painted, who ever did it , did a quite decent job, the guy had spilt some brake fluid in the cab and took it to metal and the metal has no rust atall. the truck is a little slow to start carb just needs a rebuild . engine runs great . frame is as close as you could come to being perfect VERY minor surface rust. the only rust is in the rear ambulance doors but i can save them with some sheet metal. it also came with the gate painted the same color. All in All a great buy, So i bought it, This is now my new Fj build Pics to Come!
I was wondering if a mudder bought it cause the cl add is gone. Good luck and I am glad it found a good home.

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