1976 FJ55 - Colorado (1 Viewer)

Sep 15, 2005
Denver, CO
I have a stock 1976 Pig I just picked up in a trade and I already have enough Pigs!! The truck runs and drives good, has a 2f, 4 speed, front disc brakes. The doors are in good shape and open and shut solid. The interior is in very good shape, the floors are all solid, the door panels are good. The headliner is toast. The tailgate has some rust. The body has some usual rusty spots. The chrome trim around the roof is in great shape. All dash lights work. This truck was given to a friend of mine and the original title was lost, I am applying for a lost title now or you can take care of it easily.

I have too many trucks and not enough space. $999 for a running, driving FJ55! Or trade for a 40. Or a 60. I also have a few other parts to toss in. Thanks
May 19, 2008
Greenbank, WA
Dude, i will take it if i can get it to Seattle. i can drive it(?) or tow it if needed.
Email me if you still got it, ok. i am really interested in this truck.

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